Shared Ownership Program

What Is Shared Ownership?

  • Analar Shared Ownership ProgramPurchase of a share of a helicopter, assuming a pro-rata portion of the operation and maintenance expenses of ownership.

Benefits of Helicopter Ownership

  • Benefits of Helicopter OwnershipGain a pro-rata share of commercial-charter revenue to reduce your expenses.
  • Improve Business Productivity – Fly over   congestion; leave and return when appropriate for your business.
  • Gain Access – Land where others cannot. Utilize city-center heliports and private landing sites.
  • Realize tax advantages of aircraft ownership.
    Improve your personal quality of life – more time to relax – no sitting in traffic en route to the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, Atlantic City, Albany, Boston, or Washington D.C.

Why The Eurocopter Twinstar?

  • Its acquisition and operating costs make it the most economical twin-engine helicopter on the market.
  • Costs significantly less than other comparable shared-helicopter programs.